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Gary C

“A wonderful experience”

If you enjoy a weekend understanding more about Sharks and marine conservation, and wish to see pristine beaches with former shark fishermen, this is for you!

Ibrahim wanderer

“Splendid Eye-Opening Warm Experience”

Did a three day trip with the Dorsal Effect.
First day was the standard one-day trip where we went to the local fish market, followed by snorkelling and then a lovely local lunch on a pristine beach. This was followed by a little hike up a cliff to see great views and then snorkelling at another site.
Second day was a lovely trip to Gili Trawangan where we had the opportunity to snorkel and see how corals are regrowing on biorocks which were set up by previous student groups.
Third day we had an eye opening time snorkelling with rescued baby sharks at a shark sanctuary in Bali.
Overall it was such a great learning and relaxing experience to have a meaningful holiday!


“Great project, beautiful corals, and you help saving the sharks too.”

A fantastic experience.
We had a great day with out tour guide Agus (Dorsal Effect guide in Lombok). He explained everything very well about the project, and also about Lombok and their people. He is a very good photographer and can help you taking shots.
The visit to the market was a very good way to start the day and understand the project.
Suhardi the boat man (converted shark fisherman) was very helpful and always with a smile.
The corals we saw during the snorkeling are in very good health, some of the best I have seen my places in SEA. The sea was a bit cold, so make sure you bring a rash vest if you have. We loved having lunch at the “secret beach” and walking around Pink Beach.
It is worth the $$$ you pay knowing you are supporting a good cause.
Kathy Xu is doing a great job, and I hope you support The Dorsal Effect project.