The Dorsal Effect

The Dorsal Effect

Why the name, The Dorsal Effect?

The dorsal fins are one of the fins commonly taken by shark fishermen for export for soup, but the word “dorsal” also means back, and since Kathy wanted to end shark fishing on the supply side of the chain by providing the shark fishermen with ecotourism as an alternative source of livelihood, it came to mean the work on the back end of the shark fishing and finning trade as well, hence, The Dorsal Effect, ie, the back end effect of positive change for shark. Conservation of shark through conversion of shark fishermen hiring them to take tourists out for snorkeling boat trips instead that set off from the very fish market that dead sharks are hauled in daily.

Kathy Xu

Founder of The Dorsal Effect

Kathy is the founder of The Dorsal Effect. Having been a school teacher for 7 years and constantly advocating for her students to do good throughout her teaching career, Kathy decided to walk the talk and stepped out of the teaching profession to start The Dorsal Effect in 2013.

Triggered by an intense experience while swimming alongside a whale shark in Exmouth, Australia, back in 2011, Kathy decided she wanted to do something so that future generations could still see sharks alive rather than extinct and confined to just picture books. After learning about the shark fishing and finning situation and the demand for shark fin soup, Kathy started volunteering on the education arm of Shark Savers Singapore (and still is!) It wasn’t long before she decided that more should be done on the supply side other than the demand side for shark fin soup as well, and soon found herself in Lombok talking to shark fishermen.

Founder of The Dorsal Effect


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Individual advocates we'd like to acknowledge in gratitude

Viknesh Kastor

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Organizations that have supported us with grants and product sponsorship.

Rufford Small Grants Foundation 2016 awardee
UW360, our kind membership and dive magazine product sponsors and partner since 2016
Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative Seeds for the Future Grant winner 2015
Singapore International Foundation Young Social Entrepreneurs Award 2013 winner