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It has been a while since I blogged and I guess the high from a fruitful November from the successful marine conservation school trip fired me up to have been kept busy trying to propel The Dorsal Effect forward thereafter. I particularly enjoyed the sharing at SocialCollab where I got to meet the most amazing people ever, who believed and shared in the dream I shared as I spoke about The Dorsal Effect and my love for sharks.

The December came and I was really humbled to have been one of the entries for Our Better World’s Story of the Year competition and when first told about it, I didn’t think very much about it but I guess when I saw how everyone was fervently voting and supporting and the possibility of winning the grant to take marine conservation to greater heights with The Dorsal Effect became a very real possibility, I started to step up and do my part in gratitude for the votes too.

Thanks to very dear friend, very dear family and very dear ex students, I have been humbled, encouraged and touched by your relentless love and encouragement. When dear Adi first shared about his vision ahead of him (shan’t share too much here now first as it’s not the right time but in time, he will be doing amazing work and I will share more then), I was inspired to share shark facts for votes each day, as my way of thanking everyone for the constant vote and support. That really fired me up to find out even more about sharks than I already knew about and I was amazed by the positive reactions from friends, and the subsequent follow up questions they would ask with respect to the fact shared, which in turn got me to learn more alongside them too! Just like the inquisitive best students in class, I was amazed and excited by the interest and awe in sharks I was generating and that was when I was reminded of my time as a teacher.

Today while asking some ex students to help vote, I just broke down in front of the computer as I thought back about the times I was there through their tears, rebellion and growing pains and now they have been nothing but love, support and pure encouragement for my pain and struggles in taking off The Dorsal Effect, and the tables are now turned as they are there for me through my pains instead. I was just sobbing away as Jerome told me “it gets real shitty before it gets good so if it is shitty now it means you must be doing something good”. I really wonder how much good I probably might have done in my previous life, thankfully, to deserve all these little angels who continue to support and believe in me long after I am no longer their teacher.

Touched by dear all fellow Saints and JC friends like Whan Lee who set reminders for themselves to vote daily, to JET and Fuku alumni folks, the Raleigh alumni folks like dear Bridgette and her daily posts, who have been nothing but boosters! Touched by the maternal and paternal family who continually track the votes and get their friends to vote too. It’s really really cute and heartening to see them get all excited, invested and fired up by this competition! I don’t feel so alone with all of you in this with me!

I have been feeling bad even asking people to vote but dear friend, Edgar put things into perspective for me when he said I should just keep asking if I truly believe in what I envision for The Dorsal Effect and that my friends have no right to feel uncomfortable about me asking. It feels like an imposition on my part but indeed, the tremendous support only shows how everyone is backing me up in making this work so the sharks have it better, so I have to persevere and be relentless.

Let’s truly make 2015 count for the misunderstood sharks because it’s all about wanting to live in a world where we have stewardship and take responsibility for whether future generations still get to see sharks alive in the oceans, right? Live and fight for the generations ahead, not our current one, and everything will start to make a lot more sense.

Pressing on, guys, and in deep gratitude for this great boost, just thought I would share my thoughts thus far before we push forward with 2 more weeks of awesome shark fact learning and love alongside the votes!OBW-1024x765

Yours and with love many many times over,


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