case studies 11

How the shark fishing industry works as a system and that we cannot just ban shark fishing but as a consumer we can do our part to lower the demand

Case studies 10

I learnt that corals are as important to the ecosystem at sea as the rainforests are important to the land-dwelling creatures since corals provide shelter and a source of food for various marine animals and coral reefs also help to break strong sea waves and currents from eroding the shoreline too much

Case studies 9

I learnt the importance of coral reefs and also the importance of the sharks and the threats that they face. But more has to be done in order for the situation to completely cease.”

Case studies 8

I’ve learnt facts about corals that I did not know before, for example that they are made of calcium carbonate and have polyps inside that exoskeleton. I also learnt more about the real situation of the shark hunting that is going on

Case studies 7

I have learnt the importance of conserving all parts of the ecosystem as much as possible as every organism will affect many others

Case studies 6

I have learnt a lot from this trip, this trip is a really really meaningful trip, it let me learn more about sharks and coral reefs, and some ways on how to conserve them. The best takeaway i have had is that people like ms kathy, wena, niki and ms delphine inspired me that they work tirelessly and relentlessly to make a world a better place even if they could work a better paid job and relax at home, but they did not, this inspired me to spend some time and make the world a better place and be the change you want to see in this world

Case studies 5

I have learnt the importance of marine conservation as well as what affects it and what are some ways to help conserve more marine life.

case study 5

I learnt a lot about the relationships between the fishermen, government, consumers, middlemen, villagers, and conservationists. I also learnt many facts about sharks and corals. (I never knew corals contribute to 80% of the world’s oxygen!)
I also learnt that with the passion for anything, you really can change the world, but you have to start small.

case study 3

There is a network of people working for the good of the environment, which should be continued.

case study 2

I got to learn more about Marine Conservation and see things that i would not normally get to see in Singapore. e.g shark finning. Snorkelling was a first for me and to see the diverse creatures and corals was an eye opener and reminded me that we had to conserve such places so that future generations would be able to view them.