case study 1

I have also learned the importance of keeping our corals intact and healthy as they are a vital part in replenishing our oxygen in the atmosphere as well as providing a entire ecosystem to a huge diversity of plants and animals. In addition, I have also learned what actions can take place to restore the reefs to their healthy state.

case study

I have learnt the importance of keeping sharks in the ecosystem but now know why we cannot simply remove shark fishing – families and people depend on it as a livelihood and cultures base special moments (e.g. marriage) on it

Odelia Goh

I learnt a lot more about the shark trades as well as the complexity of the situation there and the work that different conservation groups are doing such as The Dorsal Effect and Wildlife Conservation Society. I also learnt a lot more about corals thanks to Ms Delphine and Nikki. Other than that I had a few other takeaways as well, such as ‘Every action has a consequence/effect , whether big or small.’
Thank you for the trip, it was very fruitful 🙂

Odelia Goh