“Exploring the hidden wonders of the underwater world of Lombok with the Dorsal Effect”

We booked a 2 day trip with the Dorsal Effect and had a fantastic time! As my friends and I were particularly interested in marine biodiversity, we requested for a customized 2 day trip to visit as many snorkeling sites as possible. Kathy was kind enough to attend to our request and we were impressed with the trip itinerary! Lombok waters are pristine, clear and the reefs are bursting with life! Marine life enthusiasts will not be disappointed! We spotted lionfishes, eels, puffers, lobsters, cushion stars, feather stars, blue seastars and the list goes on!

Working closely with Kathy were Agus, our guide and Adi, our boatman who accompanied us on the trips. Many thanks to Agus and Adi for showing us the wonders of the underwater world of Lombok. Both of them were knowledgeable, friendly and willing to accommodate our ad-hoc requests (for example, an extra snorkeling site was tossed in towards the end of the day as we were so so excited!). More importantly, both of them had our welfare at heart as they were constantly looking out for us and ensuring that we were safe in the water. In addition, I will like to thank Agus personally for taking us out to dinner at Warung Bule after a long day at sea! This was way out of the original schedule and he was also kind enough to give us a lift back to our hotel. This was very much appreciated 🙂

Overall, the trips were well organized, safe and educational. We have gained a greater appreciation of marine conservation by interacting with the local guides and fishermen. We will definitely be back in the future and will not hesitate to link up with the Dorsal Effect.

Thank you, Kathy and team for this incredible and memorable adventure.

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