“Untouched corals, beaches and also for a good cause!”

Started off the trip walking through the fish market and saw a hammerhead about 2.5m long lifeless. We took a boat out into the ocean to arrive at a little sandy island, though we weren’t able to see any starfish, we did discovered a little hermit which was too shy to come and greet us. There were also a few shells of dead starfish which was imprinted with a star. We hopped on a boat and it brought us to 2 snorkel sites. The 2 snorkeling sites were fantastic. The reefs were very alive, colourful with touches of green, brown, red and blue and the fishes were swimming all over like in an aquarium except without the tank. We went to a pink beach where the grains of the sand had a special mix of white and red. A sign pointed to an old cannon left behind from war. Though the cannon was old and rusty, but it was the journey there that was great. We were at a cliff overlooking the sea. The cliff was like quay lapis and most people would have thought its Australia if shown a picture of it. On the way back, we saved a cute little baby starfish from drying up on the sand. It’s really an enjoyable boat trip and I would strongly recommend it. The guide was very friendly and at times funny which made the trip so much more enjoyable.

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