“The Dorsal Effect, in full effect..”

I had the recent good fortune to attend a day trip run by Kathy and the Dorsal Effect. As an avid Ocean conservationist and Conservation Photographer I had been working on my own project around Indonesia when I heard about the work of this group. It is such a rewarding thing to see people taking the time and effort into helping impoverished fishing communities to look at embracing a better more sustainable path for future income and revenue streams. We always say “Children are the future” that especially resounds when it comes to children being raised in communities with little, if any, understanding of the impact their fishing actions have on the balance of their local Ocean environment.

The day starts out with a trip to see the problem. The fish market at Tanjung Luar can, at times, offer up distressing scenes of large sharks, manta rays and even cetaceans being landed and processed. It certainly requires a strong stomach. But this is the issue the Dorsal Effect is looking to combat. By seeing the negatives of the problem you are then able to witness the positives, chat with the boat captains that have been enticed to change. Visit and witness the local environs including some spectacular options for SCUBA diving with a licensed and local professional dive guide. All in all it is a day that will allow you to see and discuss the issues with the attendees and also with Kathy or a member of The Dorsal Effect team.

I heartily recommend people take this trip when they travel to this part of the World. Not only will it open your eyes into the issues facing the region but it will also contribute so positively to the families that are willing to embrace change. And change has to start somewhere…

Well done Kathy and all the folks at The Dorsal Effect, a job well done.

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