World War Z

After a whirlwind week of organizing, packing and delivering The Dorsal Effect t-shirt orders and planning for the September trip to Lombok with a group, I figured I really needed a proper date night with the boy and thank goodness to GV for little perks like discounts on movie tickets with DBS cards.

In a nutshell, I really loved the show we caught, World War Z, and I was probably the only idiot in the theatre who broke down into tears by the end of the movie. It was a show about a possible zombie apocalyptic world where zombies would spread their pathogens like wildfire across the globe causing a great calamity. The movie left me feeling burdened and inspired all in the same breath by the end of it. What happened in the movie wasn’t impossible, in fact, I believe we are all well on a verge of a major calamity upon us now so the line “Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has. That’s no stupidity or weakness, that’s just human nature. I don’t blame anyone for not believing” really rung through. I thought it all so prophetic that the movie was truly a sign of times before us now. Yet, no matter how hopeless or catastrophic a situation is, there is always hope when people help one another and believe and persist in finding the solution, and, keep moving forward.

With the whole haze situation getting so many people riled up on Facebook recently, I was glad for the SG Haze Rescue team and their ground up initiative. Truly, blaming get no one anywhere and it is usually times of crises when we should stop complaining or blaming the government but band together to think and work on how we can make things better as a community. Thank you Chih Peng for roping me in your initiative to give out masks and herbal tea to those in need at Jurong East MRT station today. It was the smile, the shock that what we were handing out were free from our own pockets, the old lady who gratefully put on the mask the moment we handed them out and those knowing nods that really made all the difference. People need people as we exist as a community and share one world, so we always do what we can. :)

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